Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Goes Up...Must Come Down, Part 3

"Yes, please." Two oh so simple words said oh so reluctantly. I really didn't want help but I also knew that I didn't want to stay attached to a wooden slat fence while standing in one sock for the rest of my life. There are so many other things on my list. Tour Italy. Write the great American novel. See 2011. So I said "yes, please" and waited for the eventual humilation of detaching myself from the fence. Or, I guess the eventual continued humilation would be more accurate.

As I wrote in the last post, Jenner was a little more than half-way down the hill while all of this was occurring and was about 20 or so yards away from me at this point. So that meant coming back up the hill on a snowboard to help. Not an easy task for anybody. But I didn't have just anybody coming to help. I had bearded Jenner. Now, I know clean shaven Jenner is an awesome person but I'm pretty sure he can't snowboard up hill. But bearded Jenner could and did. Let it be known that bearded Jenner defied gravity that day :)

So, after Jenner snowboarded over, we got to work unhooking me from this fence. About this time, my snowboard began to slide down the hill a little bit more and I don't think saying I began to panic is an overstatement so I asked Jenner to just unstrap my second boot from my board. Asked, begged, commanded, it's hard to say. Fortunately for me, Jenner is a Marine and has no problem following orders. He unstrapped my boot and I was finally standing on solid ground again. Without being connected to the board of death, I was able to work my pants off the fence and gain freedom once again. Once I was off of the fence, Jenner informed me he had solved my problem. Oh, yes, Jenner please tell me my problem. "Your boots are too loose" he said. Well, golly, Jenner. Let's just tighten them up and head off to the top of the mountain then. Honestly though, I don't think Jenner and I had reached the part in our friendship yet where I felt comfortable being that sarcastic with him so I said "oh...well...hmmm" and left it at that.

Once I was free of the fence, I was able to look around and really pay attention to where Kristi was during all of this. I'm not usually so self-absorbed but when one is hooked to a fence while attached to a snowboard, one does tend to turn their focus inward. Sorry. So, Kristi was sitting in the snow in the middle of the hill. With a look on her face I can only describe as....not really digging the snowboard. Being confident that Kristi was most likely over the snowboarding and knowing my own luck, I decided to let Jenner know that our snowboarding outing was probably over. Remember when I said that Jenner and my friendship hadn't yet reached the "comfortable with sarcasm" level? Let's just say, level reached.

*The picture is of me and bearded Jenner. Notice that I am free of the fence.

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Allison Ashinhurst said...

This is great .... all of the blogging! Is there a Part 4?!?!