Wednesday, October 13, 2010


R is for Rescuer

So I'm sitting here watching the Chilean miners being rescued from 2000 feet UNDERGROUND. 2000 feet. That's about half a mile. Craziness. It's been pretty amazing watching these men reach the surface of the earth, after 70 days underneath it, and be greeted by their families (or mistresses). Can you imagine? 70 days in the darkness and then after a 25 minute ascent in a metal capsule, sunlight? While, I'm not sure if I can relate to being trapped in a mine, 2000 feet into the earth, I can definitely imagine what it is like to be in darkness with seemingly no hope. Fortunately, we have a God that sees us even through the blackness of a collapsed mine. We have a God who reaches out and pulls us from the pit of despair that we find ourselves in. We have a rescuer, and He is not a metal capsule.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

These Guys....

Wow. Six months go by so fast.

This past spring, our "girls only" Bible study was infiltrated by Andrew and Jack. We had sort of made our Sunday night home group 'girls only" because, well, it was just girls that came until one night in April when Andrew showed up. We were kind of concerned we might scare him off, what with all of our "girliness" but he showed up the next week with Jack. It might have been the food but from then on, these two guys were just...there. From selling carnations for the France Team on Mother's Day (how much is your mom worth to you?) to six of us piling into Jenn's five passenger Terrain for trips to Fredericksburg (please keep your clothes on, Jack :)), this past summer was by far one of the best summers. They graduated from TBS this morning, 2nd and 5th in their company by the way, and are now moving onto their schools . Andrew HAS to move to North Carolina and Jack gets to stick around Quantico a little longer but will, apparently, disappear into the abyss that is IOC. It's so strange to think that in just six months, two people became such an important part of our lives but they did. I'm not sure we have too many stories from this summer that don't include Jack's scottish accent or Andrew's red polos. I would do a Top Ten Moments list but that would take a while, so maybe later. But I will end with a's only fitting....

"We meet no ordinary people in our lives." C.S. Lewis