Sunday, September 28, 2008

How far is too far?

So last night....I went to bed early, around 9:30. I had been terribly sick with a small cold all day Saturday so I was quite tired. Afterf sleeping for what seemed like hours I was awakened by a beeping niose and a swish-ing type sound. What is that? I thought. Am I dreaming? Then it happened again. Beep Beep Swish...I must be hallucinating. (Remember, I had been practically dying all day). Beep Beep Swish. Finally, I opened my eyes to this bright glare coming from the end of my dresser. Oh, it's my cell phone. Low Battery. Well, thats easily fixed. Turn off, plug in. Done. Well the problem lied in the fact that the said dresser that said cell phone is a good five feet away from where I was laying. Five feet. Which meant I would have to remove myself from the bed in order to stop the noise which was keeping me from sleeping in said bed. Quite the dilemma for the middle of the night. Or morning or so I thought. O course, now that my mind had just run through all my choices, to get up or not, how far is too far, I was pretty much awake. So up I got. On went the charger and the, surprise, the noise stopped. I laid back down, all set to drift off for the last couple of hours of sleep. Before I closed my eyes I took a peek at the clock next to my bed....
11:15. Great.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can Hardly Wait...

It's that time of year again....No, not football time, leaf changing time, or add another blanket to the bed time. I'm talking about SEASON PREMIER time. Yea!!!! Criminal Minds begins again tonight.!!! Will someone die...will JJ and Will get married...does Hailey return to her senses and beg Hotch to take her back (have you seen him in a suit?)....

I can hardly wait!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Three Things

So last night sitting at the dinner table with my parents, we go to talking about Hurricane Ike. At first we were talking about how crazy weather reporters had to be to stay and wait out a storm that they were all saying was going to destroy Galveston. Then we moved into evacuations and I threw out the question "What three items would you take if that was all you could carry?" Of, course, cell phones and Ipods could fit into pockets so they didn't count. My dad said he would take his important papers box, a box of momentos from when we were kids, and the big tv from the basement. It took three people to get that thing into the house so I'm not sure how he would manage that by himself if we had to make a run for it. But I guess adrenaline can be powerful. My mom said she would take the financial records, an album of home movies, and her old Bible. All good things. Then it was my turn. My own questions stumped me. What would I take? Well, here goes. Three things.
1. My post card collection- From Washington State to Florida, from Iraq to St. Martin, my collection is vast and varied. It's not so much the actual postcards that I would miss, it's the feelings I get when I page through my book and see the kindness of those who have given the cards to me. People who, on vacation or business, have taken the time to go out and buy me a postcard. Some buy one and write a message, others buy a few and write nothing but each one is special and means something to me. I can tell you who gave me each one. So that would be the first thing in my bag.
2. My diploma- I know that this can be replaced with just a letter or a phone call but this would go in my bag next. It's really more than a piece of paper framed between four pieces of wood. When I look at the diploma I can't help but remember my four years at West Chester. That feeling of "Oh it didn't burn down over break" that I would get when we would drive up New Street after Christmas. Or weekends in Schimdt with Chrissy cheering on Goldie Beacom and eating pizza on a pretzel. Two a days at Widener.French toast and mashed potatoes in the caf. Yeah, that would go in my bag.
3. My brown box- I have a box in my closet that holds every card I have ever received since high school. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, thinking of you cards. They are all there. I went through it a little while ago, secretly hoping to find a misplaced dollar bill, and wound up reading every one. It was fun reading notes from Jenn and Katy about what they were up to and I expecially liked the occasional card from Chris. He really is a good card writer (Thanks Allison!!)

So that's it, my three things.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is really cool....long but totally worth it....

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Don't we serve a big God? I mean, yesterday we were in the middle of a tropical storm. Rain coming down in buckets, wind moving immovable trees. Then all of a sudden, silence. And the sun appeared. Now today, the sun is shining and there is no evidence of the storm from yesterday. Our God is capable of awesome storms and peaceful stillness. And thats BIG.