Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Up to the Highest Height....

L is for Lift

Lift: 11 a: an elevating influence b: an elevation of the spirit

So I am not even going to apologize for taking three weeks to get this one out. I actually have a "L" half finished and saved but wasn't quite feeling it. So as I sit here, anxiously awaiting 9:00 and the gorgeousness that is Simon Baker as The Mentalist, I am finally ready to get this one out there.

This week in school, our theme is spring. We made ladybugs in art and read books about bunnies and butterflies. We planted flowers in front of the church. We also went outside and tried to fly a kite. Well, yesterday was a bit more windier than today so the kite actually got off of the ground yesterday. Today was a little disappointing. The kite just sort of dragged on the ground and quite frankly, looked a little sad.

I began to think about the difference between the two days. Both days were beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. We used the same kite both days. But, one day had more wind than the other. And that got me thinking about that techinical term that we learned in sixth grade science class when we learned about birds. "Lift". A bird needs "lift" to take off. An airplane needs "lift" to ascend into the sky. A kite needs "lift" to fly high. And when that ift is constant that kite can fly as high and as long as it has "lift".

I like the definition of lift that I found in Websters Dictionary. Especially the second one. 'An elevation of the spirit'. Oh, how I need that most days. God is "lift". Without Him, where would we be on those days when there is no wind? Days when nothing seems to go right and plans fail? Days when we feel like nothing more than an useless kite, dragging on the ground? I love the scripture (Isaiah 40:31) "but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles..." Or, like a kite...

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Dad said...

Love it Beck. I get lift each day when I think of your mom, you, your sisters, your brother and his wife, and little Jake. I think that's what He meant when He said "love one another...".