Monday, October 13, 2008

Palin Rally 2008

So today, Jenn and I went to Sarah Palin's rally in Richmond, Virginia. It was amazing. To not only be there to witness a political event but to watch the potential first female vice president in action was incredible. She was absolutely wonderful!!! Well-spoken, intelligent, and beautiful. She is, without a doubt, a role model. To be a wife, mother, and a successful career woman is truly an inspiration. The event planners anticipated 7,000 people but 25,000 showed up!!! It was unreal. Whatever happens next month, I am so proud to have seen Sarah Palin in person!!

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Allison Ashinhurst said...

wow! you guys were really close! Did you get to shake her hand?? It sounds like you guys had SO MUCH fun!! I'm so glad! I was looking for you on TV, but didn't see you :-(