Thursday, August 7, 2008

Olympic Lessons

So, this week has gone by super fast. Wasn't it just yesterday it was Monday and the first day of camp? Now, it's Thursday night and tomorrow camp will be over. It has been such a good week. The group of kids that we've had are a good group. Loud, but good. The theme this week has been the Olympics. I know that the whole idea of the Olympics is a little much for three and four year olds but I have gotten very excited for the events to begin. There is just something about the games that I love. Maybe it's the idea of being the best in the world or just the knowledge that there is a place and a time where ping pong skills are appreciated. I don't know. But I do know that I am excited.
I remember the 2004 Olympics very well. Mainly because I watched them on a 10 inch tv in my very sparse college apartment. It probably wasn't even 10 inches. 8 maybe. Anyway, it was very small. I was at school in early August because I was working at Widener University for the football team. At night after practice, my roommate and I would sit in front of this incredibly tiny tv screen and watch swimming, gymnastics, and all the other sports deemed worthy of prime time. Sadly, I don't believe ping pong made the cut. We had fun that August. A few weeks at school before classes started. Early mornings and late nights but without the books and studying. Lots of good memories and just as much Elios Pizza.
You know, I can't remember who won what medal in what event but I can still remember how cold the apartment was at night after a day of hot and humid football practice. I remember sitting in the common room with Chrissy and talking about our days and the people we met. I remember how excited we were to finally be in our own apartment. Uncomfortable furniture, thin carpet, and all. It was a month of learning that had nothing to do with a classroom. A month full of lessons that have lasted to this day.
Yes, I am very excited for the Olympics. Especially Ping Pong.

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