Thursday, September 9, 2010

Five Guys...well one guy and four girls....

I know I know...two posts in two days. Crazy stuff. But really, I'm waiting for my Turtle cookies to cool so I can throw some icing on them. I'll resume my alphabet when I get back in the swing of thinking deeply. Although, my class this semester might have the corner on all my deep thoughts so don't get too excited. Day two of preschool went amazingly well and I think we're going to have a fun year! But there is always day three :) Tonight, I had dinner with my friends from small group. Well, two of them are my sisters but they also make for really stellar friends so we'll just say friends. We went to Five Guys which was perfect on this chilly-ish night. Oh, Five Guys....We had such a great time. Hearing Jack go from normal marine voice to high pitch woman voice to crazy British man while talking about rearranging the "focal" wall in my bedroom is really something else :) Molly and Andrew were missed though :(

Well, my cookies have been cooled and iced and I have exhausted myself by all this blogging :) Goodnight!

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Allison Ashinhurst said...

glad you are entering the world of blogging again. i hate to say it but IT'S ABOUT TIME ;-) you - and your awesome blogs - have been missed!