Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Summer's been a busy summer so far. Last week was Vacation Bible School and what a fun week that was. I was in charge of preschool art and with the help of my faithful assistant, Miss Katy, we had five great days of gluing, painting, and coloring. And it's always fun to watch the kids get excited about learning about Jesus. It all comes back to Jesus!!!!

The week before VBS, Kate and I drove down to South Carolina to visit with Chris, Allison, and Jake. The trip started off pretty exciting, with me behind the wheel for the first few hours. As you all may know, I-95 and I are not all that close so it was a big deal to drive through Richmond- especially through a semi-hurricane (at least that is what it felt like). Anyway, we made it down there in really good time.

We had such a fun week, hanging out with them. Tuesday, we went to Savannah, GA and walked along the river. It was so hot and Jake was such a trooper. We also drove through Ardsley Park, which seemed to be a deal only for me though. Wednesday, we just stayed at home and hung out. Although, there really is no relaxing with Jake. He is all over the place. Allison fell alseep on the couch and Jake was sooo cute. He kept going up to her and giving her hugs and playing with her lips. Thursday, we went over to Hilton Head Island to check things out. We found the beach and Jake insisted we stop and try it out. Such a brave little boy he is. The waves would knock him and he would just stand back up and wait for another one. Friday morning, Kate and I headed back home. It was such a fun week and I can't wait for them to come up here in July!!!!

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