Sunday, March 1, 2009

New York, New York

So Saturday, Jenn, Jaime, Ashleigh, Eric and I ventured up to NYC for the day. We caught the train at Union Station in D.C at 6:20 AM and after a few stops along the way, we arrived in Penn Station a little before 10. Taking the train was such a good idea. Not only in the morning but going home as well. Jenn and I had been to New York before so we both had an idea of what we wanted to see. Jenn wanted to have lunch at Serendipity 3 (where part of the movie Serendipity was filmed). And she had a gift card to Tiffany so that was on our list. I wanted to walk through Central Park and see all the tourist sights there. And the only other thing on our list was that Ashleigh and Eric wanted to see Ground Zero. We had a short list of "had to see" places but we had a heard that Serendipity was a two-three hour wait, the park is huge and kinda hard to navigate, and Ground Zero is a downtown subway ride and we were only gooing to there until about 5 so we were very ambitious. As you can see from some of my pictures, we were actually quite successful.

Don't worry, more pictures to follow!

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